programmes. Physiology, Genetics; Kinesiology, Biostatistics, Biochemistry; More than 20 subjects are required to get a degree of DPT. The scope of Microbiology is huge because of the involvement of microbiology in various fields such as Pharmacy, Medicine, clinical research, agriculture, dairy industry, water industry, nanotechnology & chemical technology. degrees in Pakistan. A bachelors degree in zoology focuses on studying everything about animals. or then again B.Sc.(Ag.) Whereas an advanced degree focuses more on the complexities of different animals. Let’s talk about Human Nutrition & Dietetics. Recently some studies on asthma genetics have been completed in Pakistan reporting genetic association of SNP markers of genes CD-14 , IL-4 , IL-13 , ADAM33 and locus 17q21 [9,82]. Overview. In the interview with career karwan, Mr. Shahzeb Khan elaborated the scope and importance of bachelors in English Language. This is an emerging field. 10 Minutes Guide to Studying Microbiology in Pakistan and its Career Scope. When the fundamentals of genetics are applied in engineering then, it is referred as “Genetic Engineering”.. Benefits of Genetics Courses: Genetic engineering, also called genetic modification or genetic manipulation, is the direct manipulation of an organism’s genes using biotechnology. Bachelors in Microbiology& Molecular Genetics program provide students with knowledge in the basic sciences which are essential to microbiology and to the application of science to issues in the modern world. BS(CSDF) - Program Details Those who have taken the HSSC or an equivalent examination and are awaiting result are also eligible to apply. BS/B.Sc. Ag. B.S or MSc Agriculture Eligibility Criteria Career and Scope in Pakistan Agriculture degree normally contracted as either B.Sc.(Agr.) Since Pakistan is a very dry and humid area, specific plants can only grow in this part of the world. In Pakistan the Scope of a Lawyer is increasing rapidly because the increasing number of corruption, Crimes, land fights and snatching of rights. (Hons.) Our 2020 ranking of the best colleges that offer Genetics degrees is based on the compilation of our data from reliable government sources, student surveys, college graduate interviews, and editorial review. BS Economics degree has the great importance and necessary for devolving countries. In Pakistan, Bs Accounting and Finance Scope in Pakistan is rapidly increasing with several firms and organizations searching and announcing vacancies for the accountants. Title Credit Hours PBG 401 Introductory Genetics 3(2-1) PBG 402 Introductory Plant Breeding 3(2-1) 5th Semester Courses PBG 501 Principles of Genetics 3(2-1) PBG 503 Breeding Field Crops 3(2-1) This includes the structure, physiology and genetics. That is a great important for these countries. BS Economics Career Scope and starting Salary in Pakistan. Law Degree Scope In Pakistan. You can also go abroad and after doing this degree program if you are not willing to do job in Pakistan. It requires a decent amount of plants for affected ecosystems. It has not so much scope but a BS degree holder can easily get a good job at handsome salary package in different fields of marketing, business, research, and academics. ... microbiologists are very busy as microorganisms are dominating almost every field of life. With the passage of time world is facing many issues that needs to be solved. BS: BS stands for Bachelors in Science. Pakistan is an agricultural country. is the primary college degree granted by the college workforce of agribusiness and rural schools. Scope of Agriculture Students in Pakistan. Clinical psychology is growing in scope to include more western teachings, but it is taking a long time for the conversion to be complete and will most likely still center on religion; even after it is more widely accepted. Our country has been recognized as an agricultural country from the day of independence (14 August 1947). Bachelor of science, BSc bioinformatics. This degree has bright future in upcoming days. Bachelor of Science BS (Hons) in Genetics Eligibility Intermediate or Equivalent with not less than 45% marks Duration Four years program spread over 8 semesters with two Semesters per Year. The scope of biotechnology is very bright in Pakistan. A major in Genetics is offered at a small amount of schools, all of which are listed below. Botany Career Scope in Pakistan. There is a myth that BS in the English Language has no scope in Pakistan. It this field you are required to study Anatomy. Pakistan is a devolving country and economy of the Pakistan is also on progress. Job Scope: If you are looking for the scope in BS Physics in Pakistan than let me tell you about the scope of this degree in Pakistan. Today every one give prefer to this degree but some of them actually don’t know much about it so today let’s talk about it and its scope and what is it in fact Overview of Human Nutrition & Dietetics Food is the basic essential of life. Asthma genetics of Pakistani population have been the ignored area in the studies. Degree Requirement Minimum of 130 Credits are required to complete Bachelor of Science in Genetics… A study in Top 10 Computer Science Universities is the technical and practical approach to calculation and its request. Explore our selection of the available Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) It may have good scope but I would bet on Software Engineering. Scope of Clinical Psychology: Clinical Psychology has good scope in Pakistan. Here is a lost of the best colleges and universities for studying Genetics, Environmental Biotechnology and Biomedicine in the country... Pakistan is one of many countries where biotechnology is playing an important role through crops, animal breeding and human health. Scope of Marketing in Pakistan There is a broad scope of opportunities for marketing graduates commonly in va rious commercial, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Cloud is next gen technology and there is more demand all over the world. Bachelor of Science in Genetics or BSc Genetics is a 3-year freshman or under-graduate degree divided into 6 semesters. Some persons get injured due to accidents. Microbiology overlaps the various other degree areas of biology like as molecular biology, genetics & immunology. (Hons.) Courses in genetics, physiology, nutrition and meet science provide the basis for learning more about poultry production, management, evaluation & selection, poultry products and animal health & welfare. So in this article we learn more about this field about its scope, job opportunities , career and other important information. I am not interested in BS botney / zology /microbiology. Top universities and colleges in Pakistan offer great English-taught Bachelor of … The father of genetics is Gregor Mendel, who was a late 19th-century scientist and Augustinian friar.. If you're interested in studying in Pakistan, you can view all view all 72 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Hence, botanists are required to study plant life in Pakistan. Groceries which are produced in the soil of Pakistan are very much qualified and best in quality. This has much broader scope as it includes programming and cloud related scripting as well. Basically world is becoming very conscious about environment and ecology. The four-year undergraduate programs of full time study are divided into eight semesters. A scientist who studies genetics is called a geneticist.. A Lawyer pays his or her role in Court and wins the relevant party in returns he charges his demanding fee and interest by the people. It is […] This issue is addressed by Assistant Professor of English Department of Punjab University, Mr. Shahzeb Khan. Scope of a master’s degree in Zoology is becoming more of necessity in Pakistan. It is regular viability structure and look and automation of the logical process that inspire purchase representation, processing, storage of message of and admission to information. in Plant Breeding and Genetics Course No. Biotechnology and Genetics Engineering Career in Pakistan Jobs Scope Opportunities salary requirements with courses, admissions income details complete guideline here at. These fields depends upon the allocation in government and private sectors in Pakistan. Their basic duty is to cure the ones who suffer from paralysis. or B.S.A. This is because of its Cultural and healthy land. At third attempt you can consider Environmental engineering. Other subjects are. Posted : 06-Mar-2017 ... Generally universities are offering a 4 year BS program with total 124-133 numbers of Credit Hours. please guide me to choose a field in BS course. Scope of environmental sciences in Pakistan: Scope of Environmental sciences is very vast in Pakistan. The scope of BS Clinical Psychology in Pakistan has also increased a lot since many students may opt for higher degrees in psychology for careers in hospitals and clinics. It is a three years academic program in Pakistan. or B.Sc. BSc biotechnology and BSc nanotechnology again choices with respect to the career after pre medical. This is one of the rising degree program therefore its demand is higher than other courses. Courses After Intermediate in Pakistan. The main idea behind this course study is to get the experience of variation and heredity in living bodies. DPT also has a bright future and scope in Pakistan. I got 882/1100 marks (80.182%) and 893/1100 marks (81.182%) but I have also repeated 2 subjects of FSc and hoping to get about 950+ marks in intermediate. Scope Of Economics In Pakistan Introduction About Economics Subject: Economics is basically defined as the study of the production of the goods and products along with its distribution. There are many Auditing and Accounting Firms, Tax Departments, Multinational Companies, Local Organizations, Insurance Companies, and Banks that are searching for some experienced, skillful, and degree holder accountants. List of more valuable Degrees with the highest Scope in Pakistan; Step by step Easy ways to Find Scope of Any Degree in Pakistan; Pakistan is a developing country and during this time of high unemployment rate and rising inflation, there is a need that each and every person makes a perfect choice about his/her career.