0 is the trunk code for Morocco. Find out how to make an international phone call to Morocco from the United States. Dialing Code. If you are calling Morocco from external country, you need to add the phone code "+212" before calling the phone number. 011519000001205000534921 : BBAN - Bank Info Basic Bank Account No. For data processing and communications and Morocco and it's dependent areas is represent by a Morocco Country code. Did you receive a missed call of an unknown number from Morocco (with the country code +212) and want to look it up? Map view Geographical center of Morocco. CountryCode.org is your complete guide to call anywhere in the world. Morocco: MA: MAR: 504: Mozambique: MZ: MOZ: 508: Myanmar: MM: MMR: 104: Namibia: NA: NAM: 516: Nauru: NR: NRU: 520: Nepal: NP: NPL: 524: Netherlands (the) NL: NLD: 528: New Caledonia: NC: NCL: 540: New Zealand: NZ: NZL: 554: Nicaragua: NI: NIC: 558: Niger (the) NE: NER: 562: Nigeria: NG: NGA: 566: Niue: NU: NIU: 570: Norfolk Island: NF: NFK: 574: Northern Mariana Islands (the) MP: … Morocco. Contact, Local time & information on time displacement in Morocco, entfernungsrechner.net: Distance USA » Morocco. Wonder no more because Vonage’s helpful “How to Call Morocco” guide is here. ISO Country Codes - IATA Country Codes. Morocco country code is freqently refered to as Morocco dialing codes or Morocco E.164 calling code. 212 Country Code number, has to be followed by the phone number you have. Commonly used in Europe, South America & Asia, Primarily used in France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia & Czechia, Socket compatible with plug types C, E & F. Start with Morocco Local Area Code and then add the phone number which is usually a 7 (seven) digits. City. Postal codes for all regions in Morocco. Country Code +212. Get other informations about Morocco like neighbouring countries, Morocco map, and reverse phone in Morocco. MA Alpha-2.ma TLD. MAR. Country code to call Morocco: 212 (country code / international prefix) How to call Morocco from abroad - Dial the international departure prefix, the most common is 00 but if you call from the United States or Canada it is 011. If you want to call Morocco from another country, you can do it dialing the number 212, before the entire telephone number. Its phone code is 212 and is mandatory to make a call to MO if you are a calling from another country. Area Code. The capital is Rabat and the largest city is Casablanca. The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, The Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. each country has his owm number to identify this area. The two-letter country abbreviation for Morocco is MA, the three-letter code is MAR. Unknown or missed call? Morocco also claims the exclaves of Ceuta, Melilla and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera, all of them under Spanish jurisdiction, as well as several small Spanish-controlled islands off its coast. Do not dial any leading ‘0’ listed in the Moroccan phone number. Get Transit Times. The dialing code for Morocco is 212. To phone Morocco dial 00212 then the full national number minus any leading 0. To call from outside Morocco, dial the exit code of the country the call is dialed from, followed by Morocco’s country code of ‘212’, followed by the local phone number. Next dial 212, the country code for Morocco. It has around 33 921 203 inhabitants, 3 280 000 landlines and 39 016 000 cell phone users. Shipping Ship All Features Ship Quick & Simple. Morocco. You received an unknown call with the country calling code +212? Morocco is located in Africa and uses Dirham. ALL SHIPPING SERVICES. Morocco country code, +212 country codes MA and Morocco phone number. Additional information to Morocco. Please find all the Morocco phone codes you could need below. List of Alpha-2, alpha-3 code character alphabetic and 3 digit Numeric code ISO 3166 codes for Morocco * CORONA Covid19 Latest Updates * Home Flags Maps World Facts Embassy Consulates IBAN Checker Distance Calculator. The UN also uses 3-letter codes, and numerical codes to identify nations, and those are shown above. Which country has the dialing code +212? The calling chart above will help you find the dialing codes you need to make long distance phone calls to friends, family, and business partners around the globe. How to call from Morocco Country Name (Country Code) Country Name and Code for IBAN Code: Morocco (MA) IBAN Code ISO Country Code for IBAN Code: MA64011519000001205000534921: Check Sum Check Sum Digits for IBAN Code: 64: BBAN Basic Bank Account No. Country-specific domains ending with .ma, e.g. We’ve listed all the codes for Morocco here for your convenience, whether you’re with Rebtel or just looking to make an international call. First dial 011, the U.S. (or Canada) exit code. The + initiates an international call, followed by the country code (here 212 for Morocco). ... ISO 3166-1 is divided into 3 sets of country codes: ISO 3166-1 alpha2, ISO 3166-2 alpha3, ISO 3166-3 numeric. Current time & time zone in Morocco; To call Morocco from the U.S., just follow these basic dialing instructions: First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. www.my-domain.ma. Then dial the area code (1–3 digits — please see a sample calling code list below). Morocco uses the phone code Type of electrical sockets in Morocco is C,E 127 V, 220 V and 50 Hz. If you plan to travel, you can book accommodation in … Looking for about the fastest, easiest way to call Morocco? Morocco Country Code. To call a phone number in Morocco, simply: 1. Morocco Phone Code: 212. The Morocco telephone country code is the number 212. Rabat Dial Code: +212 37. Country Codes, Phone Codes, Dialing Codes, Telephone Codes, ISO Country Codes. Morocco Information of Morocco. Morocco. Agadir. The 2-letter codes shown above are supplied by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Calling Morocco from the United States explained: 011 - US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada 212 - Country Code for Morocco Phone Number (remove initial 0) - 9 digits, all landlines begin with digit 5 Country code: +212. Morocco International Area Code to call numbers in this country is 212 and any number you see from this number is from Morocco. The capital is Rabat and the largest city is Casablanca. Also an international dialing prefix, specific to the country from which you are calling, is to be added before Morocco country code while calling Morocco.. Visit our How to call Morocco page for area code and other details on calling … More ways to call Morocco: Call Morocco with Rebtel - Get $10 in free calls now! The country code for Morocco is +212.This country code, along with the area code, is required to call a telephone number in Morocco from another country. How to call Morocco from the UK. Country Code MAR Country code according to ISO-3166 Alpha-3. ... Country Country Code Capital Latitude Longitude Currency CC Generator Generator; Morocco: 212: Rabat: 31°47'32"N: 7°4'48"W: Dirham (MAD) Morocco Creidt Card: Morocco BIN Generator: Morocco spans an area of 710,850 km2 (274,460 sq mi) and has a population of over 36 million... © 2020 CountryCodex.com. Find Morocco country code and Moroccan cities area codes. Travel information for Morocco Prefix / Phone Code: +212 We hope Country Calling Codes has been of help to you in finding the Moroccan calling code for your international call from United States to Morocco. Morocco country code To call to Morocco use the international country calling code +212 followed by the national phone number you want to call. Schedule a Pickup. Rabat Area Code: 37. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, with land border with Algeria to the east and Western Sahara to the south (status disputed). List Of Country & Dialing Codes. 548. If a number is displayed already including the +212 country code, just replace the '+' with the UK international access code of 00 and ignore any reference to '(0)'. This page helps you call from to Morocco using international country codes. Morocco country code: +212. and finally the phone number (5–7 digits). ISO 3166-2:MA is the entry for Morocco in ISO 3166-2, part of the ISO 3166 standard … All rights reserved. Many universal country codes are utilized to identify Morocco. This illustration will assist you call Morocco (MAR) : Dial the international access code for your country - (from North America you will need to dial 011; from the UK and … Call Morocco easily and cheaply with Rebtel! 1/11 Morocco (country code +212) Communication of 8.VII.2020: The Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications (ANRT), Rabat, announces the following update of the national telephone-numbering plan of Morocco. It bases its list of country names and abbreviations on the list of names published by the United Nations. GET BIN CODES. MAR is the three-letter country abbreviation for Morocco. You can see photos of electrical sockets above this article. • Description of introduction of new resource for national E.164 numbering plan for country code +212: NDC (national destination Country Code 212 is for Morocco. Morocco also claims the exclaves of Ceuta, Melilla and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera, all of them under Spanish jurisdiction, as well as several small Spanish-controlled islands off its coast. Morocco bin number list 2020, credit card bin list, usa bin, world card bins, bin list for carding, bin generator, Page Navigation. Here you will find out to which country the code is belonging to. ISO-3166 Alpha-3. The International dialing code calculator will show how to dial to Morocco – Marrakech from any location in the world, with local area codes, trunk prefixes and international country codes