The Moosmann Company produces eight products for the American market; the Model 96A Beginner Student Bassoon, the Model 98AP Advanced Student bassoon, the Model 100AP Semi- Professional bassoon, the Model 150E, 200E & 222E Artist Bassoons and the … Well, I recommand highly a Moosmann bassoon. I was searching for a couple of years, playing instruments by various top makers until in 2010, by coincidence, I met Justin Miller, Moosmann’s representative in North-America, who introduced me the idea of trying out a Moosmann bassoon, a well known German bassoon maker. Fully equipped professional bassoon with the following speical features: seasoned curly mountain maple wood from Bosnia, with a mahogany stain, hand-applied laquer, thick-walled. Made from mountain maple, the sound is warm, stable and vibrant in its response. Product Price $6,995.00. Buy MOOSMANN BASSOON NO. 150 ORCHESTRA MODEL at Amazon UK. Anton-Schmidt-Str. The instrument came to be in its modern form in the 1800s. We always stock: Adler Sonora; Jubilee model 1357/120 and the new Children’s bassoon type 1350. It is a Moosmann bassoon (model 150A). The Schreiber S16 is an excellent German bassoon, perfect for any students or more advanced bassoonists. “After 18 years of playing a Heckel bassoon, I felt to need to change. Next to that we are exclusively dealer (and hold stock) for the new Fagonello and the children’s bassoons from Guntram Wolf. 71332 Waiblingen, Germany In addition, the individual designs of the various manufacturers and models play an important role in whether a particular bassoon exactly suits you. Moosmann M100E Professional Bassoon. This model is different from the 150. I have explored your website and I am interested in your two products: Bassoon Moosmann 100 (With all options) and Moosmann 150 (again with all options), and I haven’t found the price. The bassoon is used for music in the bass and tenor ranges. It is a moderately priced bassoon (around $16,000) with minimal keywork. Since over 30 years, the Bernd Moosmann GmbH is a tradition-conscious manufacturer of woodwinds that at the same time incorporates modern technology into their high-quality instruments. Wolf’s S2000 is a beautiful professional bassoon, free-blowing, with an even intonation across its entire range. These bocals are standard issue for the American Model Moosmann bassoons. Order Now Hoffmann into practice demands three things: An inspired piece of music, gifted musicians and musical instruments that speak their own language. Moosmann M20C Compact Student Bassoon. This is a great price and a rare chance to get a low A contra. $13,495.00. The Model 920 is Fox’s newest contra. As a concert artist I constantly am in a need to evolve, and I love the inner feeling that my bassoon has still plenty left to discover. BN786c: Mahillon: French System French system bassoon made in the late 1800s. Moosmann PROFESSIONNEL 150 ORCHESTRE. We are very proud of the fact that our bassoons are played on all 5 continents – in over 60 different countries of the world., Instruments Bid often! 70028 Price Clear Facets. Silver plated keys. As well, I purchased and include a third Moosmann bocal – a gold-plated Interpret series (size 2) – terrific for high notes and gives an incomparable resonant tone. Bassoon always played in orchestra , perfect wood and keys , very resonant and in tune. By Hakob on 14 February 2017. Moosmann: Moosmann Model 150 Bassoon Orchestra Model: Ex Demo Sale Item : … Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Top of the range Wolf bassoon, extremely good value, weighs almost 50% less than most bassoons. If youre looking for a unique musical instrument, the bassoon might fit the bill. Adler’s 1357/125 ‘Jubilee’ model is a variation on the popular 1357 model, and is ideal for students but also amateurs alike. Moosmann M24 Advanced Student Bassoon. Good evening . Adler’s 1350 P model is specially adapted for children to bridge the gap between a mini-bassoon or tenoroon and a full-size instrument. Dealers 222-CL Innovation by modifying the keywork- and bore-design. The Schreiber S10 is the company's entry level instrument, perfect for any students. Download Catalogue. JANIAK Poland BASSOON; YAMAHA Japan BASSOON; MOOSMANN Germany BASSOON; FAGONELLO Germany BASSOON; BG France BASSOON; Flute. I ship INTERNATIONALLY. ... Open quick view dialog for Moosmann M20C Compact Student Bassoon. The roots of these bassoons can be traced back to the Kohlert Company in Czecho… Learn More. With an excellent sound and intonation, Mollenhauer’s ‘Gentleman’ model is perfect for advanced bassoonists and high-level amateurs, and fits into a compact case. Loveletter by Martin Kuuskmann “After 18 years of playing a Heckel bassoon, I felt to need to change. Adler’s 1356 short reach model is a wonderful bassoon for young learners and adults with smaller hands. Best Sellers (1) ... Open quick view dialog for Moosmann M100E Professional Bassoon. Product Price $29,995.00. He is a wonderful man. Adler’s 1357 is a wonderful bassoon for students and amateurs alike. Visits to international trade fairs, presentations at universities and in-depth discussions with national and international orchestral musicians have formed the basis for the ongoing improvement of my bassoons. Moosmann 222 Artists Clear All Moosmann. 0 of 5 stars. It is so easy to create different timbres and dynamics on it; I love the responsiveness of this instrument. This is the wonderful raw material from which a bassoon is crafted! Moosmann M300A Contrabassoon. It was played extensively in the early 2000's, but has been played somewhat sporadically since 2006. I'm selling my Moosmann model 150 in excellent condition. Moosmann; model 100 MV and model 150. Includes two Moosmann bocals, both silver Excellent series (size 1 and 2). Even scale, supplied in oroginal hard case with cover. The Fox 900 is one of the world’s most popular contras. Phone: +49 7151 9056-33 Best Sellers (1) On Sale (1) Moosmann. For instance, the Allora AABN-141 Student Series Bassoon is an affordable instrument that delivers the high degree of tonal accuracy you need in order to learn the intricacies of this classical instrument. I went 2 years ago to Waiblingen near Stuttgart where Moosmann is located and spoke with Mr Moosmann. $5,000 - $15,000 (1) $15,000 - $50,000 (7) 70009 Savings & Specials Clear Facets. The main characteristics of the Excellent Series" bocals are stability and power. This cooperation is productive for both the performer and the instrument builder and it is ongoing. If you have more money have a look at the semi-professional 150 or professional 200 models. Price: 8.300 €. £11,000.00: Available: French Bassoons - 1 instrument. The Schreiber S31 is an excellent German bassoon, perfect for any advanced bassoonists. Moosmann M20C Compact Student Bassoon. Shipping to Japan and Europe is $150 plus $1.50 per $100 final bid price for insurance. Has high D, E, rollers on F/Ab, Eb/C# and low D/C, right hand lock, balance hanger bushing on top of boot joint, set screw for adjusting whisper mechanism, 2 bocals. China Good Wooden Bassoon Reference Moosmann Manufacturer OEM, Find details and Price about China Woodwind Instrument, Wholesale Instrument from Good Wooden Bassoon Reference Moosmann Manufacturer OEM - Jin Ming Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Moosmann Brand,Price,Category View Results. I have all the original paperwork, as well as the bassoon's hard case and soft overcase. Moosmann CONSERVATOIRE 200 SYMPHONIQUE $5,000 - $15,000 (3) $15,000 - $50,000 (1) 70009 Savings & Specials Clear Facets. I was stunned – I had played some very fine instruments thus far, or so I thought, but I had never played a bassoon with such great scale and resonant tone as the Moosmann was trying. Sounding a 5th higher than full-size bassoon, Sounding a 4th higher than a full size bassoon. It has 1 original brass bocal. 0 of 5 stars. 0 of 5 stars. Thank you international bidders! About Moosmann Price: 8500 Euro I am selling for a dear friend beautiful professional Moosmann model 150 in exellent condition. It is often featured in orchestra, band and chamber music. Moosmann PROFESSIONNEL 150 ORCHESTRE. Copy of a traditional baroque bassoon, dated 1700, from the collection of the late William Waterhouse. In addition to the technical quality based on our craftmanship and high-end materials, the use of innovative proprietary developments makes our instruments particularly distinguished. 19 Easily playable, it works equally well as a starter instrument or for professional orchestral playing. I have always felt committed to this proposition and so I build woodwind instruments in my workshop which make it easy for musicians from all over the world to elicit and express their emotions. Product Price $8,995.00. Today’s market price (less 19% German VAT) is … Buy or order Bassoon Moosmann 150, Orchester Model, Silver, High D online? I was searching for a couple of years, playing instruments by various top makers until in 2010, by coincidence, I met Justin Miller, Moosmann’s representative in North-America, who introduced me the idea of trying out a Moosmann bassoon, a well known German bassoon maker. I have a bassoon in extremely good condition that I would like to sell. Thank you Justin Miller and thank you, Bernd Moosmann!”, Bernd Moosmann – Buy or Sell Second hand Bassoons, Tenoroons & Contrabassoon at musicalchairs - for classical music professionals. Bassoon. With all of the beautiful tenor register in the middle, the Moosmann bassoon also possesses, in my experience, the best high register as well as the fullest low register of all new bassoons I have tried in the past several years. WS5013 Bassoon Conservatory - Short Reach + High D Product Information: Short action keys especially made for children\'s hands, silver plated. I was accustomed to having weak links within the scale on any top bassoon. This model equals the 1357/4 student model with a few changes. Balance hanger and original Bam case. Moosmann M100E Professional Bassoon. Pics tell the rest of the story! Bassoon No. Wolf’s S2000 Plus V is a beautiful bassoon, manufactured using premium birdseye maple. If you're an advanced player, on the other hand, you'll probably be more interested in options like the Fox Model 660 Professional Bassoon. Moosmann CONSERVATOIRE 200 SYMPHONIQUE. Built in 2016, with 2 Moosmann bocals 1 and 2. The Schreiber S13 is an excellent German short reach bassoon, perfect for any children or players with small hands. 0 Reviews (0 Reviews) $12,995.00. Item # 1505548; Model # M100E; Moosmann bassoons are manufactured by Bernd Moosmann in Waiblingen, Germany, which is located just outside of Stuttgart. Availability: Available Soon. The bassoon is a woodwind instrument from the double-reed family. Winning bidder to pay $55 shipping plus $1.00 per $100 bid price for insurance. Lowest Australian price on Moosmann Bassoon, Model 150. delivery Australia wide, buy with confidence, every new bassoon we sell, is tested & or adjusted by qualified technicians prior to sale. This valuable feedback has gone into the modernization of the mechanism, intonation and tone projection of the instruments. Toot Your Own Horn With a Bassoon. German Bassoon Kohlert Bassoon Fox Renard Bassoon Heckel Bassoon Bassoon Renard Fox Renard Model Linton Bassoon Schreiber Bassoon Bassoon Made In Germany Professional Bassoon 2 Bocal Heckel Bassoon Excellent Bassoon Very Nice Fox Renard Maple Bassoon Bassoon Bocal Case Bassoon Reed Bassoon Kohlert Artist Model Bassoon Fox Bassoon Bocal Wood Bassoon 1 Bocal Vintage Bassoon Bassoon … Moosmann 150 The Moosmann 150 is an entry level professional model bassoon made from Mountain Maple with German silver key work. With an excellent sound and intonation, Mollenhauer’s ‘Orchestra’ model is perfect for advanced bassoonists. Or $361 /month^ with 36 month financing* Limited Time. At Adams Musical Instruments we are always there for you, before, during and also after your purchase. I din’t expect such openness, such resonance and such great scale. The Schreiber S17 is an excellent German advanced short reach bassoon, perfect for any children or players with small hands. 0 Reviews (0 Reviews) $5,779.00 Was: Was Price $ 6,995.00. Adler Sonora model 1357/120 This model is launched for the 120th anniversary of the Adler Sonora company. Wolf’s S2000 Plus is a beautiful bassoon, manufactured using premium flamed maple. Bernd Moosmann took over the old-established company of “Kohlert” in 1983 and started the new company of “Kreul & Moosmann” together with a business partner. Putting these wise words of E.T.A. 70028 Price Clear Facets. Meisterwerkstätte für Holzblasinstrumente GmbH It is brand new -- just rolled out this summer. The 150 is a thin wall bassoon that is very light in your hands. Bernd Moosmann has been sole shareholder and executive director since 1987 and has traded Adler’s 1358 ‘Orchestra’ model is a wonderful bassoon for bassoonists looking to advance beyond a student level. There are many choices when looking to buy a new bassoon, from a wide range of quality levels and prices. Repair Service Considered a double-reed woodwind, this instrument provides a deep tone and is commonly used to emphasize the bass sounds in an orchestra or ensemble. I realized this was the instrument maker I had been looking for. Wolf’s SH model is a beautiful, professional level bassoon, modified for those with smaller hands.