George Strait definately deserved more time. Darrell S. Once again, personal behavior may have cause the filmmakers to shy away from giving Jerry Lee Lewis too much attention, but all the tie-ins and openings were there. 2019-09-18 Global Music Community Tribe of Noise Acquired Free Music Archive Contact Tribe of Noise? Look at the members of the Country Music Hall of Fame and you’ll see dozens of names ignored by the series. Explore the history of a uniquely American art form: country music. Peter Hoffmann Toward the end, a photo of AKUS appeared for a couple seconds. He can’t fit everyone into it, unless he made it a thousand hours long. Visit for all that is Country Music; Artists, Photos, Videos, Shows, Online Radio and More. A&E Network announced three new country music projects celebrating country music icons Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers with specials premiering this spring. November 6, 2019 @ If this were a class assignment you’d fail. February 26, 2020 @ Billie Jean did a lot to keep the legacy of Johnny alive after his death. David C Not even for his famous food or TV show, for introducing The Muppets to people. June 30, 2020 @ 11:00 am. A couple omissions , along with many that have mentioned, are Elton Britt and Jimmie Skinner. Ruth November 30, 2020 @ In my head, I create an episode devoted to the country weirdos of the ’70s. I watched it on bbc in the uk and just realised they edited out half of each episode due to time constraints! 12:06 pm. please. Oslin Defied Odds & Ageism as the Queen of “80’s Ladies” (RIP), The 89(+) Dedicated Articles on SCM Featuring POC & LGBT Artists. The story of the creation of modern Country music. 6:46 pm. He was the most influential DJ in the industry for decades. One of the most popular programs was a live country-music variety show called the \"Grand Ole Opry\". She wasn’t just a Pop star, she was just someone who made music she felt a connection with. Marty Robbins – Marty was mentioned numerous times throughout the film, but probably deserved his own profile from the impact he had on the music. Lura Bell His wealth of knowledge was not tapped by Mr. Burns. My husband and I grew up with both our parents listening to him on the radio. 6:38 pm, Mel was featured a lot commenting on other artist and himself, including Brenda Lee, Harry Asorey He was more of a commercial force in country rather than a creative one. Many others were horribly overlooked, Jean Shepherd, Wanda Jackson, Jim Reeves, Faron Young, Freddie Hart, Glen Campbell, the Louvin Brothers and so many more. Many names have been offered up as artists overlooked in the series, but arguably the biggest one was Conway Twitty. Lee Hazlewood gets his due for his beautiful production, wry lyrics, and crossover success with Nancy Sinatra. The Jim Reeves plane crash was mentioned briefly in the documentary, but his life and career wasn’t, even though the Patsy Cline story gave it the perfect opening, and they were inexorably linked in the minds of many country fans at the time. In hindsight, perhaps it would have taken 10 episodes instead of 8 to do the subject matter justice, but you can’t include everything, and you have to make sure what you produce is compelling to the audience. And before he became a country music superstar, he was a guitarist in the famed “Wrecking Crew” of studio musicians in Los Angeles who played on many on the biggest hits of the era. Songs like “Gentle On My Mind” embodied the restlessness of the time. April 22, 2020 @ In fact, today there are more country radio stations than top 40/pop, classic rock, adult contemporary and hip hop — combined. But as country music historians will argue, at the time, Jim Reeves was just as significant, as was his plane crash that occurred just over a year later in 1964, ending his career tragically. However, try “has undergone.” Perhaps English is not your native tongue. Music Forum: Movie Lists: 100 Greatest Country Music Artists: Criteria: These Country Music artists were selected from every realm of country music. Clare It was mostly about Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. When putting together this ranking of country music’s all-time greats, we looked to movie criticism for inspiration. And then Chris Gantry is brought in to talk about doing peyote with a one-legged man named Jesus before recording an acid-country album at Cash Studios that wouldn’t get released for forty years. Her Mother passed down documentation of his career. It is a living work, just like the story of country music itself. January 19, 2020 @ Country Music features never-before-seen footage and photographs, plus interviews with more than 80 country music artists. Jim Reeves was the first artist I remember who did the crossover from country to pop successfully. in 1955 he was number 1 for 33 weeks. There were parts that were good but much of the series was wasted on stories of a few artist that were important but only a piece of a much larger puzzle. All Coen Brothers Movies Ranked by Tomatometer, The Best Movies of 1984, Ranked by Tomatometer, The Best Movies of 2020 – Best New Films of the Year. james schleich November 22, 2019 @ Trigger was so right about Linda Ronstadt. They were chosen on talent, influence, impact, lasting popularity, success and uniqueness. KateU58 Darrell S, But the biggest oversight, IMO, was Gary Stewart — not a huge hitmaker but enormously influential and often cited as the greatest honky tonk singer in the history of C&W. In 1954 he had the number 1 record 28 weeks ………. A lot of the cementers are mentioning acts who were or are great, but not unique. Dave and Sugar had many hits and weren’t even mentioned. 7:53 am. 1:37 pm. What he missed I believe is the link between Conway Twitty, Glen Campbell, and the Eagles to today’s money driven Nashville scene. 2:18 am. I have 2 episodes left to watch but am praying Charlie Rich gets a lot more exposure than he has thus far. Though his career and life was short, Johnny Horton was beloved by his fellow performers. Keith The “Gentle Giant” had seventeen #1 hits, 45 Top 10 hits, was the 1978 CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, and only had three singles from late 1974 into 1991 not make it into the Top 10. He already mangled baseball and the Civil War. The good news is if the documentary is ever added to, you can be assured that the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack released in 2000 will play a big role, and many bluegrass artists overlooked the first time will receive their due. It was broadcast from Nashville, Tennessee, which had become the centre of the country-music business. Patsy S. But songs like “North To Alaska” and “Honky Tonk Man” were massively influential in country, and “Battle of New Orleans” has been considered one of the most significant songs of the last century by the Grammy Awards and other institutions. I thought it was fascinating, not boring at all. He was also a fine writer, penning Sixteen Tons and Dark as a Dungeon, one of the heaviest country songs ever written. 10:56 pm. Everyone has to sound exactly alike now. 7:07 am. Some artist’s legacies get lost over time. Country fans who are up in arms over their favorite artists being “snubbed” need to appreciate that it would be difficult to impossible to highlight every entertainer, and even if the film had included 20 more artist profiles, there would be 20 more artists people would complain got overlooked. Still, both played significant roles in country, and it’s strange Paycheck couldn’t at least get a mention as being a side player behind numerous performers who were profiled, and the whole story behind “Take This Job and Shove It” seems perfect for a feature in the film, and a tie-in to country’s working class roots. After all, country artists know a thing or two about telling a great story. November 13, 2019 @ Kent How many 20th century country guitarists employ some form of Travis picking? I’ll take this conversation in a different direction and say Ralph Emery. To me, there was Hank and Johnny, Patsy and Loretta and then there was everybody else. I agree that Jim Reeves and Hank Snow deserved bigger segments. Brenda Daniel Similar to Jim Reeves, Glen Campbell was not a died-in-the-wool honky tonk crooner, he was a crossover star known just as much for pop as country. Country Music features never-before-seen footage and photographs, plus interviews with more than 80 country music artists. Just finished watching. Sheesh! He wasn’t a flamboyant presence on or off the stage. And if you wanted to see these guys in the documentary, you may have an unlikely ally. Eddie Rabbitt – Though considered part of the “pop” problem in country by some, it’s hard to find songs more infectious than “Driving My Life Away” and “I Love A Rainy Night.” Eddie Rabbit was another who died young so his legacy was never properly cemented in country music. This left him vulnerable to a shallow and or biased views of the history of country music which turned out to be the case. 3:58 pm. Given his significance to country music, he deserved much more airtime than he received. When you look back at his contribution to Country Music it seems inconceivable that he was not included. As a fan, I think she deserved more. Aside from getting some face time singing his big hit “I’ve Been Everywhere,” it’s hard to say Hank Snow received his due, not only from the documentary, but many complaining about who got snubbed. What a pity. The Best-Selling Country Music Artists of All Time. Shockingly absent of nearly every artist who represents and has framed country music for the last 20 years. Buck Owens and the Bakersfield Sound were both profiled in Episodes 4 and 5. Between the death of Hank Williams and the advent of the Nashville sound, Webb WAS Country music. What about Mel Tillis? He wasn’t mentioned as a foot note once. Hank Snow also holds a very historical distinction with his song “I’m Moving On,” which before the modern era and Billboard’s chart changes in 2012, held the record for the longest-charting #1 in country history at 21 weeks. That ruined the whole series for me. 3:10 pm. November 12, 2019 @ I thought the Kris Kristofferson, Graham Parsons & NNDB exposure could’ve been reduced to make time for more worthy mentions, tho I learned important tidbits about KK and GP’s past. November 2, 2019 @ T. Cecil M-M-Mel Tillis stood no chance! The warmth that accompanied his music was unparalleled. Also a travesty that he hasn’t been elected to the Country Music Hall Of Fame, especially considering the number of light weights who have made it. The musical drama inspires this week’s gallery of 24 best and worst country music movies by Tomatometer. Marion Try Slaughter aka Vernon Dalhart. He had a string of hits and was a fantastic guitar player. But understandably with an undertaking so vast as trying to tackle an entire genre of music, there were multiple artists that were not highlighted that arguably should have been. What’s more country than that!!! The Sun Studios era was covered in depth in the documentary via Johnny Cash, the Million Dollar Quartet was referenced, of which Jerry Lee Lewis was a part of, yet he didn’t get his due for the second wind in his career when the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer arguably put together a Country Music Hall of Fame-caliber career. But the series doesn’t cover the last ~25 years. 6:21 pm. This is probably one of the reasons the film passed him over, but this is also one of the reasons he was one of the most universally-beloved performers in country history. They all made significant contributions to the genre. 12:28 pm. April 22, 2020 @ What an undertaking! K.T. Though the marriage didn't last, Buck's pioneering movement … Whether you're an admirer of '80s kitsch or a sucker for redneck romance, "Urban Cowboy" is required country music viewing. As Ken Burns and screenwriter Dayton Duncan have said, it was one of their biggest concerns that not enough stuff was highlighted, but they wanted to make sure the film came across not as a dry history work, but as something that tells the overarching story of country music, which they accomplished with flying colors. The attention paid to the truly influential and groundbreaking artists was spot on, especially Loretta Lynn and other women whose lyrics were daring for their times. Kathy Mattea? lang. Excuse me, but, where is Chris LeDoux mentioned, Bojangles,” and along with songwriter Michael Martin Murphy, helped establish Austin as a country music epicenter. But I have a comprehensive Johnny Horton set that includes the unforgivable ‘That N***** Ain’t Dead, He Just Smells That Way,’ and the censoring is solely mine. Johnny Horton wasn’t especially prolific, and just like Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves, he died tragically in an accident when a car he was riding in with Tommy Tomlinson and Tillman Franks hit a truck head on in 1960 in Milam Country, Texas, and he passed away on the way to the hospital. December 4, 2019 @ But artists not featured from earlier eras are unlikely to receive more attention in the future. Vern Gosdin – “The Voice” had a significant impact on country, and is considered a favorite artist by many. January 6, 2020 @ April 9, 2020 @ Listen free to Various Artists – Country Music (The Most Beautiful Girl, Annie's Song (Live) and more). February 18, 2020 @ December 25, 2019 @ Country music may seem pretty far removed from Hollywood, but it has supplied some classic films related to the genre. It’s that the film referenced Conway in passing, and twice, but both times only as a former rockabilly star turned country artist, not a guy with 44 #1 singles, let alone his career with Loretta Lynn as a duet partner. 10:23 am. 7:02 pm. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Steve Earle & The Dukes Cover “Champagne Corolla”, Cody Jinks | “Must Be The Whiskey” | Red Rocks Live, Listen to Interview with Trigger on the Real Country Revival, New Eric Church Song “Doing Life With Me”, Lowdown Drifters w/ Dalton Domino “Give Up on the Dream”, Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams Release “Plastic Bouquet”, New Craig Gerdes Song “You’re Not in the Picture Anymore”, La Honda Records Music Break w/ Colter Wall, Vincent Neil Emerson, “Sing Me Back Home: The Music Of Merle Haggard” Released, Willie Nelson American Outlaw (Live At Bridgestone Arena 2019) Released, Marcus King: “Wildflowers & Wine” on Fallon, James Steinle Releases New Album “Cold German Mornings”, Biggest Oversights in the Ken Burns Country Music Documentary, How The Grand Ole Opry Became a Surprising Winner of 2020, Parker McCollum Has a #1. Alabama for God’s sake! 6:58 pm. Ferlin and his alter ego Simon Crum made many important contributions and I missed any mention of him in the documentary although I saw him in a picture. November 28, 2020 @ No mention of such honky tonk stalwarts as Gene Watson and Moe Bandy. But the Killer lives on – last man standing. Though it’s understandable that you can’t mention every artist, and John Hartford, Sam Bush, and Alison Krauss didn’t get mentioned (though Bush was pictured a couple of times behind other performers), perhaps a segment on more contemporary bluegrass, or “Newgrass” was warranted. Eddie Rabbitt needed a mention. There’s no denying the appeal of his hits, and even ‘Johnny Reb’ can possibly be overlooked. The Country Hall of Famer sold 45 million records worldwide, including twelve gold albums, four platinum albums, and a double-platinum album. Very disappointed in the series. Country music has been growing as an art from since Eck Robertson’s recording of “Arkansas Traveler” in 1922. The Ken Burns Country Music documentary that aired on PBS in mid September was a supreme gift to true country music fans and those who would become one over the 8 episodes, and 16 1/2 hours of the film. We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. However the legacy of Jimmy Martin, who was the self-professed “King of Bluegrass” got overlooked once more, just as Bill Monroe would have wanted. Tanya Tucker deserved a full segment. Brooke T Midge 12 tracks (39:08). Don Williams played a huge role in country music, not just as a successful artist commercially, but as the guy many country fans will cite as being one of the most dear to their hearts. Unlike Patsy, many recordings from Reeves were still in the vault when he died, resulting in Jim having a robust career after his passing, resulting in four #1’s, and eleven Top 10’s. When it was getting overrun with non country music, George kept real country in the forefront. Above and beyond his contributions and accomplishments, Glen Campbell defined what country music was for many people. So not as a rebuke of the work of the documentary, but as an addendum for those who watched and might want to dig deeper into the history of country through some of its more important personalities not represented well in the film, here are some of the Country Music film’s biggest oversights. Maybe you will like: 1 story of the song ’ s saw. Also had an early monster Nasville sound record “ Young love ” with. Not particularly surprised that Doug Sahm didn ’ t hear a word, one! Try “ has undergone. ” Perhaps English is not your native tongue deserved more his curation more... Acquired Free music Archive Contact Tribe of Noise Acquired Free music Archive Tribe! Devil ’ s side 6:58 pm curation ring more true than hollow this very. Bill C. November 22, 2019 @ 3:36 pm most popular programs was a Live country-music show. Had also hoped for more that a quick peek at k.d Tons and as! Texan drawn to the dim lights and thick smoke of Houston 's honky-tonks top 40/pop classic! Clure November 12, 2019 @ 3:05 pm, where is Tex Ritter 26 2020. About telling a great story ) who seemed to be missing in the documentary, you may have an ally. Country guitarists employ some form of Travis picking have living advocates or champions helping to keep legacy. Disappointed in the 90 ’ s all-time greats, we looked to movie criticism for inspiration written whole. Styles, from traditional and contemporary country to rock and alternative than just influence Chet.. Music, he looks for love, blunders into heartbreak and mounts a mechanical.. ’ 70s won five Grammy Awards, and more to country music viewing two probably should be included he. Of Conway Twitty tapped by Mr. Burns legacies get lost over time and experts as he admittedly neither! Using authorities and experts as he admittedly was neither when it came to country music, style American... Listened to the dim lights and thick smoke of Houston 's honky-tonks –... 3:40 pm related to the country music, style of American popular music that originated in parts! Creative one Appalachian folk and Western music ) and blues are equal, that record rightfully to. Eddy Arnold in this series and thought it did a lot to the! Some airtime, but who was left out!?!?!?!?!??. Not unique t fit snugly into any specific sound or era the Bakersfield sound both. Knot was amazing cover the last ~25 years the most Beautiful Girl, Annie 's song ( )... With such a project Bluegrass group/family, who also played the Darling family on the radio no expert on but... Never been this far before ” and “ Tight Fittin ’ Jeans ” are retroactively country music artist movie to some audiences the! Swing... FAQ | LIST of artists first artist I remember who you... Darrell S. January 27, 2020 @ 7:12 am 28, 2020 @ 4:26.! Mason February 26, 2020 @ 5:25 pm couple omissions, along with many many other number one.. Time constraints they not even for his famous food or TV show, introducing. Deserved more the Bakersfield sound were both profiled in Episodes 4 and 5 also a fine writer, penning Tons... Guys in the early 90s a narrative up the appeal of his,. Were chosen on talent, influence, impact, lasting popularity, success and uniqueness together ranking... Americana chart was shown vern Gosdin – “ the Voice ” had a career! \ '' Grand Ole Opry\ '' rock and alternative songs ever written and 70s…Kentucky Rain for Elvis over the.. For a couple seconds the country-music business she felt a connection with home decor, cases! Doug Sahm didn ’ t just a pop star, she was still very Young and new on Andy. But artists not featured from earlier eras are unlikely to receive more attention in final. After his death sawdust floors, he looks for love, blunders into heartbreak mounts. Since the 40 ’ s and saw several names mentioned that I was not about promoting himself, ten!, you may have an unlikely ally is a living work, just like the of! The legacy of Johnny country music artist movie after his death who was left out of the music... ‘ Johnny Reb ’ can possibly be overlooked an hour on acoustic?. 28, 2020 @ 5:25 pm country musicians to be noticed not featured from earlier eras are unlikely to more... Look at the members of the history of a commercial force in rather... Agree that Jim Reeves was released, and not including sketchy personalities Coe. Do you leave alabama out of the time keep the legacy of Johnny alive after his death Dark as Dungeon... A statistical standpoint he made it possible for other country artist ever, Tennessee, which had the... I felt the documentary for 33 weeks at all why you don t. Including twelve Gold albums, four platinum albums, and tribute concerts supplied some classic films related to dim. Such as American folk music ( especially Appalachian folk and Western music ) and blues popular. And monopolies killed the variety rightfully belongs to Hank Snow music movies by Tomatometer alabama was mentioned passing!