Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall instituted a curfew for the city of Dallas starting Sunday night at 7 p.m. after a second night of vandalism and protests in the city. Dallas is now under the unblinking gaze of a work of mind-bending horror. Check out updated best hotels & restaurants near Giant Eyeball. Headington Companies, Timothy Headington's Dallas-based business that owns Joule, has acquired "Eye", a 30-foot-tall sculpture by contemporary artist Tony Tasset. 30-foot-tall 'Eye' sculpture in Dallas, Texas. It's actually really well done. It's identical to a blue eye. GIANT. Dallas' Chief of Police Renee Hall said during a news conference on Saturday afternoon that while what happened in Minneapolis was "unacceptable," so too is "rogue vandalism… Cool, unusual observation attraction in the heart of downtown Carol M. Highsmith (Library of Congress/LC-DIG-highsm-28401) (Public Domain) The piece was created in 2007 for a temporary exhibit in Chicago. Giant Eyeball travelers' reviews, business hours, introduction, open hours. It's a Giant Eyeball. It's a Giant Eyeball. Giant Eyeball: 2020 Top Things to Do in Dallas. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (Trinity River ) – Dallas, Texas December 17, 2019 Reunion Tower – Dallas December 16, 2019 Dallas Giant Eyeball December 10, 2019 Cool, unusual observation attraction in the heart of downtown Take a pleasant stroll through the gardens of Dallas’s five-star Joule Hotel, and you will quickly perambulate upon a very odd sight: a 30-foot-tall eyeball that is just sort of hanging out. Turn right at the giant eyeball (a 30-foot-tall art installation by Tony Tasset) for Dallas’s sexiest hotel: The Joule, located inside a 1920s neo-Gothic tower. Not a merely large eyeball, or even a huge eyeball. Dallas Police Chief Reneé Hall told WFAA-TV on Friday that she attempted to communicate with the crowd, but eventually she was dodging a brick. Except that it's GIANT. In all seriousness, my friend and I couldn't get very close to it, but even at a distance of several yards, you can see that's it's painted very accurately.